Awesome People

We’re a diverse team of creative and critical thinkers from a wide range of backgrounds who have one thing in common: a passion for the work that we do in service of Moveline’s purpose. If you’re bright, hate the pain of traditional moving, and have a healthy sense of humor, you’ll fit right in around here.

Open Environment

Our office has no roof. Just kidding! But if you hate cubicles, sitting in the same spot every day, or being told when to come and go (and might prefer sitting on a giant red bean bag or working outside to sitting at a desk), then you’ll love it here.

Stellar Benefits

We take care of our employees. We offer competitive compensation and meaningful equity to all full-time employees, as well as health, dental, and vision benefits to keep you and your family happy and healthy. We also keep our office stocked with enough coffee to survive an apocalypse (for the antioxidants).

Endless Learning

Moveliners love teaching, learning, and sharing the wealth. We want to be challenged and to continue to grow, both professionally and individually, so we make sure our culture fosters that. Join Spanish class or learn to code at weekly “Lunch and Learns,” or pick up a book from our rapidly expanding company library.

Vegas Baby

Downtown Las Vegas is the new Williamsburg (when Williamsburg was cool) except with more than 300 days of sunshine a year and a 360 degree view of mountains. Whether you love to snowboard, cliff jump, hike, bum around beaches, or take in world-class nightlife, dining, and entertainment on The Strip, Las Vegas is the place to be.

Growth Opportunities

We’re expanding at light speed so fasten your seat belt, it's a wild ride. But that doesn’t mean we’re just adding more people to existing roles; we’re creating new ones all the time. We’re constantly on the look out for ways to match Moveline’s work to team member's strengths and skills, and are always open to ideas for new projects and roles.