Sign for Katz's Deli & Bar.Leaving the city for greener pastures — at least literally, if not otherwise? Between the move and the many errands you have to run before moving out, you probably don’t have a ton of time to give the city a proper goodbye. Lucky for you, Moveline compiled a handy dandy list of exactly the sorts of bites one might take out of the Big Apple in the last 24 before bidding it farewell.

C’mon. Bust out that old I heart NY t-shirt and let’s give the town a whirl one last time.

  1. Get on a ferry and pay homage to Lady Liberty, tourist-style. Bonus points for an Instagram in which you’re pretending to pinch her head between your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Have some super-sick sushi, because let’s face it: outside of Japan, it doesn’t get any better than this.
  3. Walk through Times Square sans irritation and judgment — just admiring the tackiest, most crass yet spectacular few city blocks in our fair nation… Vegas notwithstanding.
  4. Have a beer at Pete’s Tavern. It’s been open since 1864, through Prohibition and beyond; if there were ever a place to soak up some New York history over a brew, it’s there.
  5. Since you won’t always have Broadway, take in one last show.
  6. Knock back martinis at the Empire, the Hudson or Flatiron Lounge. Leave an absurd tip.
  7. Enjoy live music in a legendary venue — The Bitter End or Hammerstein Ballroom. Soak up some eleventh-hour sound therapy; it’s good for the soul, after all.
  8. Take one final stroll through Central Park; drop a rose at Strawberry Fields and drown your sorrows in a mile-high pile of cheesecake at Cafe Lalo.
  9. It’ll probably be 4am by the time you finish all that. Good thing “Katz’s never Kloses!” What to have for the Last Supper? The brisket, of course.
  10. OK, it’s go time. Stand outside and throw your hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. You wanted to do it when you first arrived but didn’t have the guts. Now, you’ve got nothing to lose. Do it! It’ll be our little secret.

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