Messy bathroom with open mirrorMore often than not, a shower curtain is the most visually striking item in any bathroom. Unless you’ve got a European-style shower or a full glass enclosure, the first thing your eyes focus on when you walk into the room is that seven-foot piece of fabric. Endless options exist for less than $20, and whether you’re going for something simple and chic (white waffle weave cotton never goes out of style, for instance) or funny and quirky (it’s called bathroom humor for a reason, people), there’s something out there to brighten up the place for about the same price as a pizza.

2. Refresh your towels & mats

Especially if they’re out in the open and not tucked away in a linen closet somewhere, your towels actually make a bigger visual impact than you might realize. Go for a full-on matching set to complement your curtain, or mix things up a little and juxtapose some different colors and patterns to make things more fun. And if you’ve already got too many colors and patterns happening, fluffy white towels are universally classic — the softer, the better. Time it right and you can snap some up at Target for less than $10 a set.

3. Play with color

The bathroom is hands-down the fastest and cheapest room (in most homes) to paint. With a smaller footprint, plenty of tile and therefore less square footage to cover, you might even get away with using just a pint or two. Here, it’s generally smartest to go with a higher-gloss enamel, which is more water-resistant than flatter finishes and easier to clean if you accidentally swipe some makeup or spray some hair product onto it during your daily routine. Don’t get stuck in a loop trying to decide on a hue, either — DesignSponge (as well as lots of other great design blogs out there) offers an endless rabbit hole of design ideas, from subtle solids to striking stripes with lots of creative ideas in between.

4. Add some personality

Whether you want to make your own lavender soap or retrofit your sink with an old-fashioned metal basin, you can best believe Pinterest has some pinspiration to get you started. Offering how-to’s on everything from DIY medicine cabinets to mason jar storage racks to keep those cotton balls and Q-tips accessible, the online wellspring of ideas just goes and goes. Since the bathroom is the place where we scrub up and put our best face forward, it makes sense to let the room reflect who we are, not just literally in the mirror, but figuratively, too. So get crafty one weekend and see what you can create. You just might inspire a pinboard of your own.

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