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So, you’ve moved into a new place — or you’re about to — and your stuff from the old apartment just isn’t sitting well in its new environment. Never fear; Moveline rounded up our favorite design websites for inspiration on how to decorate your new apartment or house. Spend a little time on any of these generously-curated hubs and you’ll be channeling your inner Nate Berkus in no time.

Apartment Therapy (of course)

The almighty forefather of all home decor blogs, Apartment Therapy’s been doing its thing since… well, basically, the dawn of the internet. While it’s perhaps a way-too-obvious choice for this list, the fact that it’s been around for so long means one thing: endless archives full of inspiration. Search by room, by city, by style, by column (house tours vs. before-&-afters vs. green living vs. decorating on a budget)… this treasure trove of ideas and how-tos is a great place to start scheming and dreaming about everything from paint swatches to wine bottle chandeliers.

Furniture Fashion

If you’ve got your space mostly figured out but just need that one perfect armchair to complete the living room, or you’re thinking of replacing your boring light fixtures with something wild and amazing, Furniture Fashion is a veritable mother lode of retail resources. While most of the site’s stories these days focus on singular pieces (a la Design MilkFresHomeand the like), it used to do a daily top 10 list on any given theme… 10 green couches, 10 eco-friendly floor lamps, and so on. You’re bound to find what you’re looking for, as well as a tip on where to get it.


A bottomless vacuum for interior design photos, Houzz takes an interesting approach to gathering its content: it lets designers, home builders, homeowners and professional contractors create their own pages and lookbooks, resulting in an archive of more than 1 million images. The best part: if you’re looking to re-do your bathroom or gut that kitchen for a whole new look, chances are you can find just the right contractor to do it — one who shares your overall vision and has the pictures to prove it.


While you probably know Dwell as a print magazine, it’s done a much better job than a lot of its contemporaries on the home design and decor shelf at the bookstore when it comes to taking things digital. With a clean layout featuring the full length of a majority of the stories it prints on paper, Dwell takes a crisp editorial approach to its features, telling the story behind the photos and letting readers get to know the designers, homeowners and renters behind each home and project it covers. We can’t help but love its consistent focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness, too, as much as its serious dedication to great design and craftsmanship.

Brit + Co

Adore that $1800 wall mirror you saw at Anthrolologie but only have $20 to spend? No problem, says Brit Morin, founder of Brit + Co, a bright and crafty online community that gives step-by-step instructions on how to stretch a dollar and make your space look great in the process. There’s nothing too twee about the site, either… this girl’s got serious style. So if you want to make your home look like that of someone making three times your budget without actually spending all that dough, let Gen Y’s answer to Martha Stewart be your guide.

And an Honorable Mention…

Reading My Tea Leaves is a lush, carefully-crafted blog chronicling the lives of a couple living in a 240-square foot micro-apartment in Brooklyn. Bonus points to these two for finding the beauty in the art of small space living. If nothing else, you’re destined to find a moment of Zen looking at their visually arresting photographs and marveling at the peace they seem to feel even when they’re tripping over each other in their tiny little matchbook of a home.

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