blue hammock

Relaxation takes on a whole new meaning in the dog days of summer, when 100-degree-plus temperatures (in some places, anyway) can send us all into a state of total inertia. While a cozy leather armchair and microfiber throw might be just the ticket to unwind in front of the fireplace mid-winter, that same chair feels like a deathtrap with its icky, sticky, heat-trapping upholstery. Luckily, we’ve uncovered five great finds for summer decor, including a few pieces of furniture that can save you from that dreaded moment of literally peeling yourself off of your couch.

If you’re moving into a new space and need some ideas for making it look great this summer, read on (and congratulations on your new place). And if you’re staying right where you are and just want to add some warm-weather flair to your abode, we’ve got suggestions for you, too.

1. Swing on a star

First up, there’s the ever-boho hanging chair, which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. On the pricier end, there’s Anthropologie’s version, the Melati hanging chair, in all its dreamcatcher-inspired glory, and while this more downmarket sky hammock chair isn’t quite as pretty to look at, it sure is awesome to sit in and swing a sweltering Saturday afternoon away with a good movie or even better book. (Of course, you can always go full hippie and install ayurt-esque hanging cocoon in your backyard.)

2. Hang loose in a hammock

Of course, one might argue that a swing chair’s small potatoes compared to the mother of all summer lounge equipment — the hammock. If you’re lucky enough to have the patio space or a yard to hang one in, all the better; if not, well — you can always go back to the options above. But if your home affords you the space to stretch out on a timeless summer classic, by all means, do so: they’re available herehere and even here.

3. Craft some cocktails (or make some mocktails)

There’s no better time of year for a tall, cold glass of iced tea, a tangy margarita teeming with salt or a frozen mug full of good beer. So serve it up in style with a sweet set of glasses and an eye-catching pitcher. Some of our favorites: the BPA-free infuser pitcher from Primula, therecycled margarita glass from Sur la Table, and of course, a set of handmade, self-proclaimed “redneck wine glasses” just perfect for hot-weather sipping.

4. Grow some greens

Schlepping around in the heat to bring groceries and takeout food home is no joke when it’s greater than 90 degrees outside. So if you’re even remotely talented in the kitchen, consider starting an indoor herb garden to add a little flavor to your concoctions and spruce up your space while you’re at it. Keep it simple with a window ledge planter, or get more intense with avertical garden or some space-saving pendant plants. Cilantro, anyone?

5. Bring the beach home

If you don’t want to make any permanent changes or additions that might feel out of place in the cooler months (and let’s say you’ve got no place to store that stuff anyway), there’s always the option of making your place a bit more summery without all that commitment. Check outApartment TherapyBrit + Co and Pinterest for beach-inspired decor that’s easy, breezy and… yep, even beautiful, whether you buy it or make it yourself.

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