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When you’re moving, it doesn’t matter if your new home is 5 miles away or 500 — lots of variables are very much in play. Once you’ve signed a lease or closed on a home, you’ve undoubtedly taken into account its distance from your job, what school district it’s in, and other major factors that will heavily impact your life. But before you actually turn the key on your first day in a new home and start getting acclimated, consider the Moveline team’s recommendations for places to bookmark in your new neighborhood. Doing your homework now can save you time and irritation later; a few minutes’ worth of Googling in advance of the big day can definitely make life a little easier amid all those boxes.

Grocery Store & Pharmacy

If you’re lucky, there’s a grocer with a built-in pharmacy right around the corner from your new home, and you’ve already walked or driven past it. If not, though, it’s wise to know offhand exactly where to go if you need to make an emergency run for toilet paper, toothpaste, ibuprofen or — of course — bacon.

24-Hour Clinic

Speaking of emergencies: unpacking, rearranging furniture and generally being in a new environment can create a minefield of little disasters just waiting to happen. It’s certainly no fun dealing with an unfortunate box cutter incident, but it’s a hundred times less awful if you already where to get it taken care of, even at 3 in the morning.

Pizza Delivery

Barring all moving-related injuries, the process of unpacking can actually be sort of an adventure if you let it, but all adventures require fuel. It hardly feels like a first night in a new place without pizza, Chinese food or some other delicious delivery from your new neighborhood’s most reliable dial-up dinner joint. When you place your first order, let them know it’s your first night in the area. You just might get your first meal on the house. (The same goes for your first takeout cup of joe the following morning at your new coffee place.)


You’ll probably want to start working off those first few greasy meals as soon as possible, so there’s no better time than before your move to look up the nearest gyms and start making your decision early. For the fitness procrastinators among us, moving to a new home is the perfect time to begin healthy new habits, so it’s smart to strike while the iron’s hot, and for those who can’t go a day without their cardio — well, you’ve probably already signed up for a trial membership anyway.

Dry Cleaner or Laundromat

During a move, it’s amazing how laundry seems to pile up at a rate startlingly more rapid than usual. In order to keep from looking like a total schlub, have your local dry cleaner and/or laundromat (if you need one) already on your radar screen before you arrive. Your family members and co-workers will thank you.

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