las vegas sign

It’s the stuff of songs and slogans, and according to advertisers and bachelor party attendees, what happens there stays there, although Hollywood might respectfully disagree. Las Vegas may be known as a convention capital, a party city and a glitzy (albeit manmade) retreat full of wonder, but from what we hear, it’s not a bad place to live. Permanently.

At Moveline, we’ve overseen a lot of moves, from couples moving during a hurricane to families making a cross-country move with kids in tow, and we’ve got all sorts of insight to share about each city we’ve experienced. So today, take a gander at our list of the top 5 reasons to move to Vegas.

1. It’s startup-friendly

An innovative endeavor called Downtown Project seeks to make downtown Las Vegas a veritable hub for startups within the next five years. Sinking an impressive $350 million revitalization budget into the area, its plans include lending hefty support to real estate development, small business ventures, tech startups, co-working spaces and local education, making downtown Vegas a perfect place to launch and grow a new business — even while raising a family.

2. It’s not expensive

While the cost of coffee may be oddly higher there than some parts of the country, the overallcost of living in Vegas is actually less than the national average… not bad for a city as well-known as this bustling desert oasis. Fun facts: pizza in Vegas is 11 percent cheaper than the national average, gas is 4 percent less expensive, and housing/utilities are each 8-10 percent less than the average American city or town. The lack of state income tax, too, is often a welcome break for new residents.

3. It’s not cold & wet

For those to whom Seattle, for instance, sounds like a nightmare, Las Vegas is likely the perfect antidote. Claiming 300+ days of sunshine a year, the city is located smack in the center of Vegas Valley, a desert spanning about 600 square miles. With an annual average of 67 degrees (rarely climbing above 91 in the summer or dipping below 45 in the winter), folks who aren’t fans of extremes are all about the temperate climate.

4. It’s entertaining

“Viva Las Vegas!” exclaimed the King, and for good reason: consider all the sensory distractions at your fingertips when you live in the self-proclaimed “Entertainment Capital of the World.” A performance-goer’s paradise, there’s never any shortage of stage shows, bars, casinos and all-you-can-eat buffets within a stone’s throw. So even if your day job’s not that thrilling, there’s no shortage of weekend fun to take your mind off of the mundane. And who knows — even though The Hangover movies have all officially wrapped, you might luck out and run into this guy wandering around memory lane sometime.

5. It’s got great neighbors

Speaking of weekends, when Sin City residents need a bit of detox, the city’s only a road trip away from a bevy of nearby destinations. Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix are all a four- or five-hour drive away, as are a host of outdoor vacation spots like Death Valley and Red Rock Canyon, not far at all from the bright lights of the strip.

If you’re planning a move to Vegas — or anywhere else in the US, for that matter — let Moveline help. By demystifying the inventory process and obtaining fair quotes from reputable movers, our Move Captains take the headache out of moving and let you focus on the more important things in life — and the best part is, it’s free. Let us help you #movebetter.