two envelopesThere’s an endless list of things to do upon moving into a new home,not the least of which is letting the world know where you now live.While snail mail has kind of gone the way of the dinosaur, there’s always that one bill paymentthat just has to be completed by check, those wedding invitations or birth announcementsthat require a personal touch, and of course, those birthday cards and thank you notesthat never get old. So when the occasion arises to put your postman to work,the Moveline team has a few suggestions for return address labels to stick on those envelopes.

Making address labels

Avery keeps it simple with basic, downloadable label templatesMicrosoft Office offers a step-by-step tutorial for foolproof printingPinterest, of course, has a ton of links to design-minded printables

Buying address labels

Moo offers fully-customizable stickers of all shapes and sizesZazzle boasts a wide array of return address labels and other creative projectsVistaprint is always a budget-friendly option for custom print jobs. Etsy has thousands – literally thousands – of return address label options