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Let’s face it: moving can be a drag. From choosing a moving company (something Moveline can help with, by the way) to remembering all the moving day essentials, the sheer volume of things to do can get a little cumbersome. But, as with tough workouts, tedious assignments and long commutes, music always makes the ride a little less rough. So, just for you, we’ve put together a list of our top ten songs about moving. Crank ‘em up and enjoy.

1. Home – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Whether you’re moving to Alabama, Arkansas or somewhere a little less Southern, this song can’t help but tug at your heartstrings; the 2009 sleeper hit made it big with a little help from an adorable father-daughter duet on YouTube. (Dare you not to fall in love.)

2. Home – Phillip Phillips

Sure, the American Idol winner’s big hit might be a little too reminiscent of, say, Mumford & Sons, but the US Women’s Gymnastics Team made this their anthem at the 2012 games for good reason: this pure-hearted song just oozes with positive energy, fresh starts and new possibilities. Who doesn’t love all that stuff in the midst of a move?

3. Home – Michael Buble

And rounding out our trifecta of songs with the same title: sure, it’s cheesy, but everybody secretly likes a little schmaltz every now and then. This overly-earnest ballad is the perfect adult-contemporary salve for the world-weary heart that just wants to hang its fedora in the same place for a while.

4. Our House – Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Ever a favorite of home improvement store ad execs thanks to its “very very very” sweet and catchy chorus, it’s admittedly a sunny addition to the soundtrack of a new place that’s just been moved into.

5. Our House – Madness

This lesser-known 1980s new wave throwback is what the average grandparent might call a “toe-tapper.” Careful: its infectious chord progression gets stuck in your head and doesn’t leave for days.

6. Pack It Up – Pretenders

For the girl who’s had it up to here with her significant other (or her surroundings in general), Pack It Up is the quintessential lo-fi kiss-off song to play as you’re pulling onto the interstate, accelerating toward a new life.

7. On the Road Again – Willie Nelson

If a move involves a road trip along a respectable stretch of highway, this classic country crossover is a must-listen. In contrast to Michael Buble’s apathetic homesickness, Willie can’t wait to get out there and… uh… raise the roof with Snoop Dogg.

8. Never Say Goodbye – Bon Jovi

Speaking of partying, crack open a brew and bust out the Aquanet (seriously… check out the sheer height of the man’s hair, for it is the stuff of legend) for one of the most epic power ballads of the age of neon: the ultimate 80s anthem about moving on is an over-the-top karaoke favorite at going away parties, and we can totally see why.

9. Coming Home – Diddy & Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey

Whether you love Diddy, hate Diddy or have no idea who in the world Diddy is (i.e., you’re lucky), you’ve got to admit: Skylar Grey’s chorus is pretty worthy of singing along to. And the “I know my kingdom awaits” line is a sweet one to hum as you cross the threshold into your new digs, right?

10. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – Green Day

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road… this song will forever be stuck in our minds as the Seinfeld finale song, but hey; it gets the point across. Throw it on as you pull out of your old driveway for the last time and see if you’re impervious to ye olde lump in the throat. (And don’t even try to play that tired “cutting onions” defense — you’re in a car, for goodness’ sake.)

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