wooden vanity When it comes to personal things like skincare and hairstyling, we’re all a little like snowflakes, right?Oily T-zone, dry elbows, temperamental curls… the weather affects all of it,yet over the years we learn to manage our quirks and find products and routines that work well for us and even make us look and feel great.But what happens when we move to a new city,maybe skip a time zone or two and land in a place where the climate throws our daily habits into a tailspin?

We’ve seen it happen plenty of times: what were once flowing waves are suddenly frizzy wasp’s nests, while yesterday’s porcelain complexion becomes today’s perspiration-drenched mess.At Moveline, we’ve helped all kinds of people move all kinds of places,and we’ve picked up a few pointers along the way to keep you looking and feeling like your old self,even when you’re in a brand new city with weather that renders your old routines useless.

Sample new stuff

It can be kind of fun to try new products and switch up our regimens,but the downside is, of course, that it can also be expensive.Luckily, lots of services now make it easier than ever to try before you buy.We’ve all heard of BirchBox by now (yep, it offers boxes for guys as well as girls),and thanks to its success there’s now a host of sample subscription services parroting its business model and offering everything from hard-to-find,under-the-radar beauty brands (Beauty Army: 9 customized samples a month for $12) toluxury collections (Glossybox: a half-dozen or so samples for $21 per month).

Only want vegan, organic products exactly when you want them? Green Grab Bag has you covered;you can build a boho box of beauty from scratch for $15, $25 or $35 and get it delivered whenever you choose. And there’s more where all this stuff came from:for a rundown on no fewer than 8 sample services, check out this list from Allure.Also, a pro tip: the next time you buy something from Sephora, be sure to take advantage of the 3 free samples that come with every purchase (even a $3 makeup sponge) –you can choose from a broad selection and try out new stuff without breaking the bank.

Get with the program

Already have a good idea of the kinds of products you’ll need to invest in,but want to make sure you’re not barking up the wrong tree? Sites like The Beauty Department,Elle and Allure offer a wealth of info on every beauty consumable under the sun,while Healthline offers its top 10 list of eco-friendly beauty blogs for good green advice.And to address what’s perhaps the most maddening problem of all:if you and your head full of curls just moved from someplace humid to someplace arid,check out these tips to give those curls the whirl they deserve.

And last but most definitely not least: hey, look. Moving is a stressful process,and looking perfect in the aftermath is the least of anyone’s worries.So for a few words of wisdom, check out Beautylish’s post on moving that everyone from the bare-faced naturalist to the most devout product junkie can get behind.So do yourself a solid: just get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, and dive headfirst into your sweet new surroundings.Eventually, your skin, hair and sense of (climate-appropriate) style will catch up.

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