A friend of mine just called with a nightmare Hurricane Sandy scenario: him and his girlfriend finally got back into her first-floor Hoboken apartment, and it was destroyed. Most of the furniture and everything on the floor was totally trashed – covered in filth from having sat in flood water for several days. There were, however, many things tha were still salvageable, which had been off the floor or in a loft, that needed to be moved about immediately, before mold ruined what remained.

He called me directly, and within 30 minutes, we had a crew from a high-quality NYC moving company lined up to arrive first thing tomorrow morning, and a storage unit reserved to hold the stuff until they can find a new apartment.

For the next two weeks, if you are in this or any similar emergency situation due to Hurricane Sandy, Moveline will be available to connect you to the moving and storage help you need. In addition to our standard guaranteed-quote product, we will also assist you in connecting with hourly crews, or just finding the cheapest place to rent a truck. When you identify your move as hurricane-related, we will also take any commission we would have earned on that transaction, and give it back to you as a discount, when applicable.

Please call our support line at (800) 579-0635 or email us at support@moveline.com for immediate assistance. The Moveline team is at your service.

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