boxes and pair of shoesWhen you have a home, whether big or small, new or old, there’s one universal truth: you have stuff. And somehow, that stuff seems to magically multiply over time. But have no fear: with a little bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can clear out the clutter without clearing out your wallet. Better yet, with the creative storage ideas below, you can even add a bit of style to your home at the same time. So, enjoy these clever stuff-storing ideas from the Moveline team.

Organize, organize, organize

It’s amazing how simply putting similar things together can help the whole house feel less cluttered. Retailers like IKEAThe Container StoreCrate & Barrel, and even home improvement stores offer lots of great boxes, bags, containers, closet systems and shelving that can help. Of course, getting rid of things you never (or rarely) use anymore is a great first step.

Put unused space to work

Unless you’re fortunate to have a home designed with intelligent storage in mind, you’ve probably got a lot of unused space. An open wall can be a great place to add simple, cost-effective built-in bookcases. Have space under your staircase? Turn it into shelves, or a small closet. Cloth drawers can slide under beds. Look up! If you have high ceilings, you can hang a bicycle with a couple of hooks and some rope. Or use a wall mount if your room is more vertically-challenged.

Exercise your inner handyman

Pre-made furniture and storage is great, but may not always be the best fit for your specific need. If you have basic skills, there are thousands of resources online that offer free, simple DIY plans for all kinds of storage. For example, with a little wood and wire, you can make a great magazine rackAna White offers a huge range of furniture and storage plans that range from beginner to advanced. The DIY Network and Pinterest offer lots of ideas and plans as well.

Reinvent the ordinary

Repurposing existing items is a great way to save money on materials while you create new storage. The key is to look at common items from a different point of view. Often, just by adding a piece of rope, some fabric, a piece of wood or a magnetic strip, you can transform an everyday object into something new. A quick walk through the aisles of a craft store might provide just the inspiration you need.

A standard ladder can become a great bookshelf. Or a shoe rack. Or a pot rack. Or just about anything else you or someone else can dream up. Ice cube trays make great small-item organizers for your desk, craft room, or garage. A magnetic knife strip can keep your kids’ toy cars off the floor. Bottom line: use your imagination rather than your pocketbook to create new storage options.

Doesn’t a nice, organized home just feel better? We certainly think so. Plus, if you ever decide it’s time to think about moving to a new home, you’ll be that much closer to being organized and ready to pack. Of course, if that day comes, Moveline can help you make all the right decisions and save you money along the way, too.