What are the odds of saving both money and the environment while moving twice within one month in a country in which you’ve never done it even once? Not high, you might assume. But you’d be wrong.

After living in Manhattan for a year to help launch a fellow TechStars company with origins in the Netherlands,
developer Klaas Pieter and his wife decided to move to Brooklyn in fall 2012 in an attempt to save money. While the cost-savings proposition turned out to be a bit more challenging than they thought when it came to rent prices, they managed to find a place and set up a move, using Moveline to streamline everything.

Ironically enough, after moving in the midst of Superstorm Sandy (like other Moveline customers) with absolutely no hitches, they realized the noise from the bar underneath their new place was too loud to sleep through at night, so within a month, they were moving again to another apartment nearby. Now, finally, they’re happy in their new home. And the help we were able to give them during both experiences was, according to Klaas Pieter, invaluable. “Not being from the U.S., we felt great having someone we could ask basic questions about moving…. things like tipping and packing,” he says.EZ Bins, an eco-friendly, reusable packing solution. Image credit: EZ Bins Facebook Page

An example of what he’s talking about: EZ Bins. The Move Captain who worked with Klaas Pieter recommended EZ Bins as an environmentally-conscious — not to mention physically practical — way to get his stuff from point A to point B (and, eventually, to point C). They’re rentable, water-resistant plastic moving containers that are dropped off and picked up before and after a move anywhere in the greater NYC area, eliminating the carbon footprint and headache-inducing mishaps generally caused by cardboard.

In the end, “we spared ourselves and the movers the agony of boxes falling apart, and we also (did our part to) save the environment,” says Klaas Pieter. Add to that the spared stress of comparing moving quotes and everything else that could conceivably go wrong during a double-move within the span of 30 days, and we’d officially call that a crisis averted. In fact, we’re pretty sure that — save a few nights living about a rowdy bar once they got there — this couple slept very well ‘til Brooklyn.

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