The moving trucks have long pulled away and you’re unpacking your boxes; your move is over, but now what?

The adjustment of the post-move can be forgotten in the craziness of getting the moving process together. Suddenly there are even more things to figure out. Where do I buy groceries? How do I do laundry here? Is there a place to walk my dog?

Here are few resources to find what you need when these questions have popped into your head:

Where will you buy groceries?

Your empty refrigerator is staring at you and you can’t eat out one more night. A local grocery store is a must, but can be surprisingly difficult when your staple choice isn’t there. Most staple grocery stores have store locators on their website, and while the aisles may have changed, you’ll find it’s as if your favorite store has moved with you. Looking for something organic? Local Harvest offers a searchable database of organic stores and restaurants, farmers markets, wholesales and co-ops.

Where will you do laundry?

Depending on where you move, your washer and dryer might be in the next room, in the basement, or blocks away. If it’s the latter, finding a nearby Laundromat can be a pain. This website,, might not have the prettiest interface, but has tons of Laundromats across the United States. Call in advance to see how many quarters (or what card) you’ll need.

Where will you go for walks?

Want a bench to read a book, does your child need a swing set, need to take your dog on a walk? The U.S. Government has a great website to find a park in your area.

Where will you get utilities?

The power is off, you don’t have running water and your gas stove won’t light, in short, you need utilities and you need them fast. Websites like The Utility Connection can help you find electricity and water for your neighborhood. Don’t have Wi-Fi yet? Check out Google Maps for a Starbucks near you for some caffeine with a side of Internet so that you can get yours set up.

How will you get around?

Public transportation can be a pain, especially when you’re somewhere new. Luckily, if you have a smart phone or Internet access, your commute can be easily navigated. Cities like Portland, Seattle and NYC have their transportation detailed with helpful apps to get you to work on time, just check out the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android.)

Universal Tip

Walking around the neighborhood is always the best trick to getting to know your surroundings. Know anyone close by? Offer them lunch in exchange for a quick tour.

The first day in a new place can be exciting, you just have to take that first step.

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