Yellow house with car in frontWhen you’re preparing to move, we know you’ve got a lot on your mind. Packing, cleaning, using Moveline to select a mover — it’s plenty to think about. But if you’re selling a home (or buying one), you’ve got something else to consider: curb appeal. Like any first impression, it matters more than you might think. Here’s why, along with a few helpful tips to get you started on helping your home razzle-dazzle ‘em from the very first glance.

It’s all about the gut

When a potential buyer envisions themselves living in your home (and trust us, they will), you want them thinking about enjoying backyard barbeques and celebrating birthday parties, not doing repair work and reseeding the lawn. A home with great curb appeal tells a buyer, “Hey, I’ve been cared for and I’m in great shape. You can trust me. Just think about the great times you’ll have here. I’m ready for you.” That first few seconds can make the difference between scheduling a tour and missing out on a sale.

Say “hello” to the neighborhood

If you’re buying, similar principles apply. You’re like the new guy or gal at a job. When you come into a neighborhood, your neighbors might wonder what you’re like. Of course, sharing cupcakes is a great way to introduce yourself. But another is to do a little sprucing up of your new place’s exterior. Even little touches show the neighborhood you’ll be taking care of your home, which benefits everyone (especially since property values are affected by the homes nearby). You might even earn a neighborly dinner invite or two.

You don’t have to be Bob Vila — or Donald Trump

We’re not suggesting you take on major renovations in either scenario. We’re talking about easy enhancements that don’t take long and don’t make your wallet cry, either:

  • Keep it clean. Make sure your porches, driveway, and yard are trash-free.
  • Trim bushes, lay down some fresh mulch, and consider planting a few flowers.
  • Swap old house numbers for clean aluminum or steel numbers that are easy to read from the street.
  • Replace exterior lighting fixtures and add a few landscaping lights to illuminate the house and walkways.
  • Refresh worn paint on shutters, doors and windowpanes.
  • Wash your windows and screens.
  • Mow the lawn on an angle, ideally along an existing landscape line (a mulch bed, sidewalk, etc).
  • Get new porch furniture so prospective buyers (or new neighbors) will imagine themselves enjoying a nice summer evening there.

Look beyond big box stores

The popular home improvement stores can be great, but some quick visits elsewhere might lead you to cool, unexpected projects. Your local bookstore might have some books on exterior design that could give you ideas. Craft stores can be great resources for affordable raw materials. Have a trendy nursery nearby? See how they showcase their plants and steal a technique. Of course, you can get lots of great suggestions from websites like HouzzPinterest, and even a Google image search.

Accentuate the positive

Every home is unique, so take a fresh look at yours. What positive aspects can you showcase? What less-than-ideal features can you steer eyes away from? With minimal cash out and a little bit of elbow grease, you can restore the shine to almost any home. Whether you’re selling or buying, that means nothing but good things for home — old or new.

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