Moving into a tiny apartment can be dismal. And with the adAPT NYC project, micro-units might be a reality for many New York City transplants.

Erin Boyle’s blog “Reading My Tea Leaves” features many aspects of living in New York, including life in a tiny apartment.

Currently featuring 21 big ideas on how to cope with very little space, Boyle gives tips based on her own experiences, lending honesty, humanity and fun.

For instance, Boyle recommends washing windows, organizing and tucking away clutter, buying beautiful cleaning supplies, and finding clever storage solutions for items (like putting a surfboard in the shower.)

Boyle told Yahoo Shine, “I say the rule of thumb is to only accumulate things that you really love,” she says. “James and I think really carefully before buying new things. We save our pennies for special and handcrafted products that we know we’ll want forever…”

Boyle and her boyfriend were recently featured in the New York Post and in a Yahoo Shine article; the latter featured 10 more tips to living in a small space. Looking for more? WiseBread offers a five-point survival guide.

I found some of the ideas featured helpful, and they remind me to stay optimistic and make any new place home, even if it’s close quarters. No matter how small, smile through it.

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