Cartoon matress.Mattresses are often one of the last items in your house that get loaded onto the truck. So when it comes time to move it to your new place, how do you prepare it for safe shipping?

Different mattresses come with their own needs, and many require effort on your part in advance of the move, so it’s best to plan ahead.

Here’s a guide on how to move your particular mattress:

How to Move a Tempur-Pedic (or other memory foam) Mattress

Did you know that if you store memory foam mattresses on their side for long periods of time, they can crack down the side? Sad, we know, but entirely preventable. While the mattress can be folded temporarily to pivot around stairwells in your four story walk-up, it’s not designed to weather these conditions through a long drive to Dallas or for months of storage in a portable container. Try to ship your memory foam mattress flat, and tell your movers in advance how the manufacturers recommend caring for it. Mattress companies deal with shipping and storage all the time; don’t hesitate to call for specifics.

How to Move a Waterbed:

To put it simply, moving a waterbed means draining and folding it. But draining a waterbed isn’t all that simple; this process can be a little complicated with several steps.

First, remove your waterbed heater, this protects your mattress while draining it. Next, decide on how to drain the mattress. An electric pump can be quick and efficient, and are often rentable. You can also drain it au natural depending on the make. Refer to the instructions that came with your mattress or your provider for details that might be specific to your mattress.

As you’re draining the water, tilt the mattress to get more water out. Roll the mattress like you would a rug. If you’re storing the mattress get a conditioner to prevent mold and bacteria, otherwise it should be truck-ready.

How to Move a Traditional Mattress and a Box Spring:

Storing and moving a mattress on its side is simple enough. However, consider the size of your mattress and whether or not it comes with a box spring. These are two separate pieces that your mover will have to account for. To protect your mattress during the move, look for bags specific to the size of your mattress. Your mover or packing service might have these already. Another option is to use a mattress box, which might provide more protection during a long distance move.

How to Move an Air Mattress:

Simply deflate your air mattress to prepare it for storage. When rolling the mattress, roll it as tightly as possible to prevent any damage. Try to pack it in its original box, as its guaranteed to fit.

How to Move a Sleep Number Mattress:

Similarly to an air mattress, Sleep Number beds must be deflated to prevent damage and boxed properly. The Sleep Number website recommends completely disassembling the base of your bed before moving, though the frame is very sturdy.

How to Move a Futon Mattress:

If possible, remove the cover of your futon mattress before moving. If you can’t remove the cover, find a mattress bag that fits the mattress to protect it from stains and damage. Disassemble your frame (keep track of all the parts!) and keep the mattress flat during the moving process, this keeps interior stuffing intact the way the crafters intended.

When you’re moving, regardless your location or how far it is, consult with your movers before putting your bed in the truck.

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