Couch gif It’s happened to nearly everyone at some point or another: it’s time to move everything out of the old place and into the new one,and there’s that one tricky piece of furniture that either refuses to budge, won’t fit through the door or otherwise causes an undue amount of distress.Sometimes it’s a dinner table, sometimes it’s a piano, but often, it’s that good old living room couch that sticks a wrench in your plans. What to do?

Here at Moveline, gotten more than a few sofas where they need to go. So, when it comes to making the impossible possible, we’ve got a few suggestions.

Take the Stairs

So, perhaps you’ve gotten the couch out of your apartment but it won’t fit onto the elevator,no matter how you position it. Usually, it’s the final turn that causes a problem;in an old-fashioned building without a spacious elevator lobby, there just aren’t enough square feet in which to pivot a sofa through the doors.The first and most obvious option, of course, is to pull a Ross Geller and recruit some friends to help you lug it down the stairs.If that’s not plausible, though, there’s an option you may not have heard about… until now.

Call the Doctor

If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place – or, more to the point, between the walls of your living room or front hallway – you can always call a couch doctor.Yes, businesses actually exist for the purpose of expertly taking your couch apart and putting it back together in the midst of a relocation.The most well-known superhero for a moment like this in NYC is NY Couch Doctor, who actually made it into a New York Times video explaining how folks in the tri-state area can seek help when their “couch has an attitude.”Professional furniture disassembly and reassembly are available in most parts of the country, too – local services are rarely more than a Google search and a phone call away.

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