box with headphones onYes, most musical instruments come with their own case.But in order to avoid a sad symphony of disappointment post-move,you’ll need to take some extra measures when packing your prized noisemakers for transport.

Here are Moveline’s tips for a harmonious instrument-moving and packing experience:

First, work with Moveline and your designated Move Captain to select the moving companythat’s a perfect fit for your stuff. Your move, and instruments,may require a climate-controlled truck, so be sure to let them know what you’re packing.

For stringed instruments like guitars and cellos, loosen the strings first,and then wrap the instrument in bubble wrap and tape before placing it into its case.If there’s a lot of free room inside the case, fill in the gaps withcrumpled newspaper to the point where it’s full but the case can be closed easily.

For brass instruments, remove and pack the mouthpiece separately with bubble wrap and tape,and then pack the body of the instrument in the same manner as the stringed instruments above.

Drums can be taken apart and packed as individual pieces, but if you have a largerand pricier instrument like a piano, this may the time to call in a professional.The amount of damage you could potentially do to animproperly-packed piano may put a large ding in its value.

If you don’t have a case for your instrument, it can be packed in a similar way to packing fine china: a secure fit in a sturdy box with a layer of packing peanuts betweenall sides of the instrument and the box. Unlike china, however,never place more than one instrument in a box.

Pro tip: always give stringed and woodwind instruments at least 24 hours to acclimateto room temperature in your new place before playing them again.Tighten and retune strings as necessary, and then play on, brother!

If you’re a musician, you likely have some other fun toys that require additional careduring the moving process.Check out our guide to packing electronics and feast your ears on Moveline’s moving day playlist to start things out on a sweet note.Most importantly, let us help you move better; it’s what we do best, and it’s free.