bill in envelope

The last thing anyone wants to do after dealing with the stress and expense of a move is spend more money. The good news is, if you’re new in town — or even if you’ve simply moved across town — you might have more bargaining power than you realize when it comes to saving some cash.

Remember the advice Alicia Silverstone’s iconic character, Cher, gave to the new girl in school (played by Brittany Murphy) in Clueless? “Don’t sell yourself short. You’ve got something going for you… that no one else has. Mystery. If you strike while the iron is hot, you can have any guy you want.” Granted, in this case, we’re talking about money instead of potential love interests, but the principle is the same. New customers are the lifeblood of most service providers, so when you approach one with a potential piece of new business, the power is in your hands — not theirs.

Cable and Internet

Starting close to home, ask the new landlord (or neighbors, or the internet) what cable and internet providers service your new building or ZIP code. Those insanely low-priced cable-and-internet deals your own current provider is advertising on television? Just try calling them up and asking them to reduce your current rate at the address where you’re already receiving their services. No dice. “That special is only for new customers,” they’ll say. Indeed, new customers are the highest priority those companies hold. So when you move, use it to your advantage and become one of them, whether it means switching companies or — if your provider is also available at the new place — simply cancelling your old account and starting fresh with a new one instead of asking for a transfer.

Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Do your homework when it comes to deciding where you’ll be sweating out your stress and extra calories once you’ve moved. Some gyms — particularly the large national chains — offer better deals online than they do when you’re speaking in person with a membership rep, whose job, quite frankly, is basically to get you to spend as much money on a new membership as possible. Don’t be surprised if they gloss over the numbers and take you to the cleaners in the process. On the other hand, if your powers of negotiation are strong and/or you’re looking at a locally-owned gym with fewer corporate rules and more flexibility, you might be able to strike a deal of your choosing and save some dough on your daily fitness routine.

Furniture and Home Goods Stores

You don’t need to apply any special strategy at all when it comes to saving money on decorating your new space. When you fill out your post office change of address form, you’re also signing up for more than $500 in savings at participating retailers, many of which are home improvement, furniture and decor stores we all know and love. A packet of coupons typically arrives at your new home within a week of your move date. You can also sign up for several free store catalogs, many of which have additional coupons inside.

Other Neighborhood Spots

On occasion, all it takes to catch a break is a smile and a little bit of kindness. Striking up friendly conversations with your new barista, sandwich artist, or whomever else you’ll be seeing on a near-daily basis can yield you a treat or two on the house when you mention you’re the new kid on the block. And even if they don’t, well hey… at least you’re spreading goodwill around your new neighborhood, and no matter what, even though it’s great to get a freebie every once in a while, it’s always nice to be nice.

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