Bathroom sink While a lot of things that factor into your home’s value (like square footage and school district) are largely out of your control, upgrades are not one of them. Oddly enough, not all upgrades are created equal— some will add value to your home while others can detract from it. The Moveline team is here to give you the skinny on what’s almost unanimously accepted as good (and not-so-good) across the board when it comes to home renovations and their effect on selling price.

Home upgrades that add value

1. Consider the kitchen.Kitchens are a critical consideration for homebuyers across the board. People often look for lots of space to both cook and to store things like food, utensils, and small appliances.

2. Matching appliances.Homebuyers will look for up-to-date and matching large appliances. If replacing them in order to get a matching set isn’t in the cards, consider just replacing the doors. (Moving the old ones out? Check out our tips for moving appliances.)

3. Baller bathrooms.Bathrooms are a close second to kitchens on the list of important upgrades. Luckily, they can easily be updated on the cheap. Simple things like a new toilet seat, a re-grouting of the tub or shower, and a matching color scheme will go a long way.

4. Storage space.A lack of storage space is often a huge detractor from home value — add as much of it as you can. If you find yourself with limited options or ideas, we’ve got tips for maximizing small space, or you can call on places like California Closets for all kinds of solutions.

Home upgrades that subtract value

1. Swimming pools.A house with a pool is a dream for some, but equals maintenance and expenses to others. If you’re considering investing in a pool to increase the value of your home, this is a good item to pass on (and it’s a relief to your wallet, too).

2. Inconsistent quality.It’s ok to have a slightly nicer kitchen than garage, of course, but glaring inconsistency actually hurts the overall value by making the less updated spaces look worse in contrast. The rule of thumb is to keep your home’s quality within the top 25% of the homes in your area.

3. Universal carpeting.Carpet stretching from wall to wall isn’t ideal, but if that’s your situation, don’t worry— replacing isn’t necessarily the way to go. Consider removing it and updating the hardwood floors below or removing just a portion of it, possibly near the door or entryway, and replacing it with wood or tile.

4. Elaborate landscaping.Aim for well-maintained rather than meticulous to avoid a decrease in curb appeal. Let the landscaping compliment your home, not overpower it. Much like swimming pools, to some an overdone lawn says maintenance work — not extra value.

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