corporate moves: a guide to negotiating a relocation packageAt Moveline, moving is our business. It’s our mission to simplify the process of relocating from point A to point B, and we’ve seen people uproot themselves for all sorts of reasons — some move to be closer to family and friends, some just want adventure, and some move for the sake of a relationship. Perhaps one of the most complex subjects we’ve watched people tackle in our line of work, though, is moving to a new city for a job.

So, drawing on our experiences with people moving across the state, the region and even the country for the sake of their careers (and often, their happiness), we’ve put together a free, helpful guide to help you navigate the process of moving to a new city for work and coming out on top in your relocation adventure. Read on for a quick overview of our ABC’s of moving to a new place to advance your career.

What we cover in Moveline’s Ultimate Guide to Corporate Relocation

Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. The differences between moving on your new employer’s dime (plus the types of financial arrangements and relocation packages you might encounter) and paying out-of-pocket for your own relocation (plus what it all means when tax time rolls around)
  2. Guidance on how to negotiate for relocation assistance, plus what to look out for in your contract
  3. Some basics of temporary and rental housing while you’re finalizing your long-term plans
  4. Insights on meeting people and making a new city feel like home once you’ve arrived and rocked your first day on the job

Our Ultimate Guide to Corporate Relocation is available online at no cost. Enjoy, and good luck, go-getters.

Moveline simplifies the moving process by demystifying the inventory process, gathering quotes on customers’ behalf, and overseeing every aspect of each customer’s move. Don’t go it alone. Let us make it easier. It’s why we’re here — to help you #movebetter.