two story house with for sale sign out frontSo you’re heading to a new city. Maybe it’s for a new job, or a relationship, or to be closer to (or further from) family. Whatever the reason, if you’ve lived in your current home for a while, you’ve put down roots. You’ve got friends. Memories. Routines. Favorite haunts. Favorite smells. All the little things that make a place a home. They can feel like a form of gravity, pulling you back even when you’re ready to leave. That’s normal. Here are a few tips to help make the transition a little easier for you.

Make your memories real

It’s nice to have something with you that reminds you of the places you’ve been. So, make a memory stone. Grab a camera and document all of your favorite places, collecting photos and smiles and memories along the way. Collect a few souvenirs you can only find in that city. The point is, photos, movies, recordings, and physical objects can trigger and help preserve memories. Don’t overdo it, of course – you’re not trying to preserve your live in amber here. But in your new home, when you have your morning coffee in a mug from that little coffee shop next to your old place, you’ll be reminded of all the good times you had there.

Network, baby

We live in the most interconnected time in human history. Odds are, you know someone (or someone that knows someone) in the city you’re moving to. Especially if you’re Kevin Bacon. Not Kevin Bacon? Ok, what about professional organizations or community service groups you’ve participated in? If they have a local chapter in your new city, that’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests. If you play music, hit the local guitar shop. Like to cook (or eat)? Take a cooking class. Do a little research before your move, and make a list of places and organizations you want to check out.

Embrace the new

Moving can be a time of reinvention. It’s a refreshing opportunity to see, do, and even be something new. So get out there and explore all the things that fell outside your routine in your previous locale. Pick up a new hobby. Try hiking if you’ve never done it. Sample local cuisine that you might not have ever tried before. Grab your calendar and a local paper and check out the events section. Find at least one new thing to do each week.

Put down roots

To make your new city and new place to feel like home, treat it like home. Don’t leave half your things in boxes for, oh, two years. Get stuff up on your walls. Buy new furniture if you need it. Invest in your new home and make it yours. It’s like any relationship. You have to commit to make it work. As you explore your neighborhood, you’ll naturally begin finding people and places you like. Embrace that process. These new people and places will begin to fill in your days and make this unfamiliar place suddenly feel familiar.

By following a few of these steps, you’ll be on your way to turning your new place into your new home. Soon, it’ll feel just right. While Moveline can’t help you with your scrapbooking or networking, we can help you make all the right decisions when planning your move. Don’t go it alone — give us a shout!