Real people couple It’s true what they say: opposites attract. But when those opposites are thrown into the life-changing tumult of, say, a cross-country move, an uninvited third wheel can weasel its way into the relationship, and that third wheel’s name is Stress. In the case of one particular husband and wife who recently moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania, their fundamental differences — his wanderlust and her love of staying in one place — were just the first of several sticking points when he got into a dental school that required them to move thousands of miles away. Luckily for them, here at Moveline we’ve helped our fair share of folks move from one place to another, and making relocation easier for couples is one of the many services we offer.

“We tackle things a little bit differently,” she explains. “So for the move, he was thinking, ‘Oh, it’s not gonna be that bad, and I don’t think moving cross-country will require much work, and I think we should do it ourselves,” and I just thought, ‘This is going to be a disaster if we do it ourselves.’”

Not knowing a soul in their soon-to-be adopted city of Pittsburgh, they put their fears aside and dove headfirst into planning the move. Step one: engaging Moveline’s services. With the help of their mover, they got a firm grip on whether or not to hire a mover (verdict: yes) and which things to keep vs. which things to toss before the move, not to mention a great deal on a moving company that saved them not just money, but also quite a few disagreements. And that, of course, is a priceless thing when you’re taking a rather literal leap of faith all the way across the country to an unfamiliar place.

The bottom line, according to our two new Pennsylvanians? “Moveline saves marriages! Just joking. But it sure reduces stress, and the what-ifs of (moving) out there.”