In tech circles, it’s common knowledge that “software is eating the world”. In every industry, there are at least a handful of startups who are making the bet that software will revolutionize the way that people make decisions and purchase products and services.

In New York City, real estate is massive. From renting apartments, to purchasing multi-million dollar condos, to all the other services (such as moving!) that people need during this transition, consumers, businesses, realtors and brokers are increasing using software to perform these tasks.

If you’re in New York City this Monday, come by TechStars NYC for the NYC Real Estate Technology Startups Meetup to meet the entrepreneurs who are building the future of real estate. Moveline is hosting, and providing food and drinks.

See presentations by myself (@frederickcook), representing Moveline, Laura Temel (@lauratemel) of PatTies, and Sebastian Delmont (@sd) of StreetEasy.

If you aren’t in NYC, follow along at @nycrets or #nycrets.

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