welcome to las vegas signBorn in Blacksburg, built in New York City… and now coming of age in Vegas.That’s right; Moveline has, appropriately enough, moved its headquartersto the sizzling business sector growing in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas.

Since graduating from the TechStars NYC program in 2012, we’ve been paying very close attentionto what our customers love the most about what we do;time and again, we hear heartfelt enthusiasm about our trusty Move Captains. Since our crack team of helpful, world-wise professionals work around the clockto make each customer’s move as headache-free as possible, we know that amazing customer servicehas to be the foundation of everything we do.So, we asked ourselves: in what place are we most likely to win big if we take a calculated gamble?

With the growth of its burgeoning downtown scene led by famed customer service guru Tony Hsieh,we knew that the best place for Moveline to really put down roots wasin the heart of the Nevada desert oasis, the hotbed ofone of the most fantastic hospitality industries in the world.You can learn more about the Downtown Project here. So, here we are,having moved from the bright lights of the Big Apple to the neon of Fremont Street. We encourge you to join us, so here are 5 reasons you should also consider moving yourself or your company to Las Vegas.

We’ve already added some fantastic talent to the team and are fully operational as the paint drieson our new digs. Incidentally, moving the office and our individual team membersacross the country has given us more insight than everinto how we can up the ante and offer even better customer service as we grow.

Love it when a plan comes together. Looks like luck’s being a lady already.

Whether you’re moving just across town or clear across three time zones,Moveline can take the stress away.With free services that help you get organized, get fair prices and get moving,our Move Captains make the process of moving as pain-free as possible.Sign up with us today and let us help you move better.