Las Vegas signOne of the coolest things about launching Moveline has been the feedback we get from the folks we’ve helped move. When they express their happiness over working with us, when they recommend us to their friends and family, when they tell us we’ve reduced their stress — those are the moments that reinvigorate us and make us work even harder to solve a problem nearly all of us will face at some point in our lives. The more moves we navigate, the better we can make the process and the greater an impact we can have on people’s lives; that’s why it’s so important for us to grow, to improve our product, and to spread the word about our services. So today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve closed a $3 million funding round led by ff Venture Capital (ffVC), with participation from Vegas Tech Fund, Tony Hsieh, and Quotidian Ventures, in addition to several among our original investors.

It’s been a year of growth and evolution. Relocating our headquarters from New York to Las Vegas last year is paying off in spades; while we’ve maintained fantastic relationships with the people and places that gave us our start, we’ve bloomed into the fastest-growing startup in Downtown Vegas, and just last week the Technology Business Alliance of Nevada honored us with its 2014 Tech Transplant Award. While the move was a calculated risk, sometimes, venturing out into the great unknown and making a big, bold move is necessary for success, plain and simple. And incidentally, we knew just where to go to plan ours.

If you’re about to make a move of your own — a literal one, that is — we’re here to help. Thanks to the support of our esteemed investors, we plan on sticking around for a really, really long time and delighting as many people as possible.

Moveline is a technology company powered by people who help people plan and save money on a move. Comparing apples-to-apples quotes, streamlining the inventory process and giving expert moving advice is all in a day’s work for movers, who dedicate themselves every day to make moving suck less. Get started with us now and let us help you get a move on.