Route 66Whether you’d prefer lying on a bed of nails to moving or you’re so excited that you can hardly wait, relocating does give you an excuse to do one really cool thing: take a road trip! If you’re moving to LA, let’s say, from Chicago (or pretty much anywhere between the Midwest and the West Coast), take some time along the way to get your kicks on Route 66!

There are already a ton of resources dedicated to the sights along The Mother Road, as John Steinbeck called it, and some of the best are herehere, and here. But combing through travel guides is work you can’t be bothered by when you’re busy relocating your life, right? That’s why we’ve done it all for you — just one of the many ways Moveline makes moving delightful.

Sleep & eat on the cheap

Route 66 is chock full of fascinating and affordable accommodations, but there are two standouts:* Belvidere Motel (rooms for just $29 per night!)* Aztec Hotel (a rare instance of Mayan Revival architecture)

Moving to California from the Midwest? Make it an adventure! Magnolia Gas Station

Have a gas – no, literally

Blast-from-the-past gas stations pop up along the entire route. Be sure to check out:* Ambler’s Texaco StationProvone Service Station, aka “The Mother of the Mother Road”* Magnolia Gas StationU Drop Inn and Tower Station (inspired by a nail in the dirt)

Moving to California from the Midwest? Make it an adventure! Rialto Theatre

Take the show on the road

Surprisingly, Route 66 is a hidden gem of theater history.* Gillioz Theatre: it has a whopping 100-year lease* 66 Drive-In: the definition of retro-glam* McLain Rogers Amphitheatre: local talent and Broadway-esque productions* Rialto Theatre: elaborately designed to distract from the hard times of the ’30s

The Route concludes in LA, whose Broadway Theatre District consists of 12 historic movie palaces within a six block radius, making it the highest concentration of these elaborate theaters in the world.

Moving to California from the Midwest? Make it an adventure! Ketchup Bottle Tower

Enjoy some weirdness

Arguably, the best feature of Route 66 is the assortment of unique sights to be seen along the way, such as:* a Totem Pole Park* the world’s largest ketchup bottle water tower* a milk bottle grocery store* a round barn* a bridge with a 22 degree turn in it

Moving to California from the Midwest? Make it an adventure! Blue Swallow Hotel

Step back in time

If history is your jam, check out Fort Reno, the Glenrio ghost town, and the Blue Swallow Motel whose sign boasts “100% Refrigerated Air.”

Get back to nature

Nature junkies, never fear. There’s plenty for you as well:* New Mexico’s pueblos and mesasThe Grand CanyonPetrified Forest National ParkPainted DesertMojave National Preserve (which currently runs a stellar artist residency program)* Arizona’s meteor craterMeramec Caverns

Are you excited? While you’re busy making your Route 66 trip as cool as possible, let Moveline worry about the move itself. We’ll make it more seamless and stress-free than you could ever imagine, helping you choose the right movers at the right price and sticking with you every step of the way. Just be sure to send us a postcard.