Today is a hard day for Moveline. Unfortunately, we’ve had to lay off many of our team members as we shift in strategy to focus on developing a more efficient product line. Doing so is extremely difficult but is a necessary measure to set Moveline up for success in the future.

For the last 18 months, Moveline has been pursuing a strategy of using our technology to offer a broad variety of services to our customers and working with a wide range of moving company partners to accomplish this. Based on early success in this model, we began to aggressively grow the company and further expand our reach in the market. We rapidly hired talented Moveliners to support our customers with this mission.

But, as many startups do, we experienced growing pains in scaling the business this way and, after learning from this approach, have decided that it’s best for us to narrow our focus to what we’re best at.

We’ve decided to streamline our service offering and are making some changes to our product to suit a simpler, more satisfying moving experience. Doing so also required that we make some staffing adjustments and as a result, we had to say goodbye to some very talented Moveliners in order to more closely align with our service moving forward.

There’s no doubt this is a turning point in our business but I’m excited about Moveline’s future and confident that with the team we have in place and a fresh perspective on how to sustainably grow our company, we’ll be a stronger Moveline, capable of delivering an even better moving experience to our customers.

It would be an incredible understatement to say that I’ve learned a lot from this experience and I want to thank everyone for the dedication and the commitment they’ve invested in Moveline as we begin looking forward into the next phase.