checklist with pencil

We’ve all been there: that moment during a move when a third (or fifth, or eighth) trip has to be made to the hardware store, the corner grocery or the 24-hour mart to pick up something — whether it’s more boxes, another roll of tape, or some random thing we never imagined we’d need, but all of a sudden it’s become a necessity. And for some reason (see: “Murphy’s Law”), it always seems to happen in the middle of the night or the moment before the moving truck pulls into the driveway, ready to rock and roll before you are.

To keep that moment from reoccurring, the Moveline team has put together a short and sweet checklist of packing essentials to stock up on before a move. Since we’re moving experts, we’ve got more than a few tips to make a relocation run smoothly, whether it’s a ZIP code away or clear across the country. So, trust us when we say you very likely need the following:

Moving essentials:

  • An abundance of regular boxes (obviously, unless the movers are packing for you)
  • Eco-friendly rentable boxes, if you want to reduce your move’s environmental impact
  • Specialty containers for items you’re concerned about (wine glasses, fine china, family heirlooms)
  • Bubble wrap and/or packing paper to protect breakables and stabilize not-quite-full boxes
  • More tape than you think you’ll need; you can always use the extra stuff later, in your new home
  • More magic markers than you think you’ll need; it’s no picnic when they run dry or get misplaced
  • Photos of the back of your computer and TV, where re-attaching wires could otherwise get tricky
  • A suitcase with several days’ worth of clothing, depending on how your wardrobe is being moved
  • Bottled water for the day of the move (eco-friendly option: a gallon or two, plus reusable cups)
  • Portable snacks, since you really shouldn’t run out for grub during loading and unloading
  • Items set aside that need to be reachable on moving day (i.e., a “first night box;” see our handy list
  • Arrangements made for kids and pets, if at all possible (read our reasons why)

No matter the circumstances of your move, Moveline can help. For free, we demystify the inventory process and get fair, accurate moving quotes from reputable movers on your behalf; better still, we assign you a Move Captain to oversee your entire relocation and make sure it runs smoothly. Moving is stressful enough on its own, so don’t go it alone. Let us help. We’ll remove the headache.