When you’re getting ready to move, having a plan of action will help you keep your sanity. There are a ton of things that you’ll need to keep in mind from new addresses to items you need to move. We’ve been involved in the moving industry for years now, and here’s a few tips we’ve got to stay organized during your move. Color Code your Boxes

Use colored markers or tape and designate one color for each room. This will allow you to easily keep all your stuff together so you don’t end up with the toaster in the bathroom or your kids stuffed animals in the basement.

Keep an Inventory List Handy

Make sure that you know what all you’re moving, and print out a list of your inventory so you have it handy. This will be extremely useful to keep track of all your boxes, and ensure that everything makes it to the final destination.

Keep Phone Numbers and Addresses Close

Be sure to save all the important numbers of the folks that will be helping you move. Provide them all with the address on paper so that they have a tangible reference during the move. Small map print outs can also come in very handy from Google or Mapquest.

Find out more about all of our moving resources by delving deeper into our website. If you need help with your move, we can put you in contact with several local movers and provide you with quotes from each. Stay organized, and your move will go quickly and easily.