thermometer with price tag Summertime means sand, sun, vacations… and an increased energy bill (womp womp), particularly for people who are moving in the middle of the summer and getting used to a new home and a new utility payment. The world wide web offers a lot of repetitive energy saving tips, but being the customer service fanatics that we are, Moveline is delighted to bring you a collective of only the best and most effective summer energy saving tips. Here they are, in one place, slimmed down to their need-to-know essence.

Top 5 tips for saving energy in summer

  • Reduce the use of appliances. This goes for all of ‘em: dishwashers, stovetops, washing machines, dryers and the other usual suspects. Cut down on their use as much as you can, and when you do use them, make sure it’s during the cooler times of the day and that they’re full loads. Put lids on stovetop items when cooking and air dry dishes and clothes whenever possible.
  • Unplug electronics. Whenever you’re not using your TV, computer, iPad, DVD player, etc — even if they’re in sleep or airplane mode — they’re still using energy if they’re plugged in.
  • Use less hot water. From your shower to your hot water kettle, less hot water means less energy to heat it up. Take cooler, shorter showers and set your water heater to 120 degrees.
  • Optimize your air conditioning. Try to keep your thermostat to 78 when you’re at home and 85 when you’re away. Get a tune-up on your air conditioner and replace its filters monthly. Close windows and shades during the day and use fans to keep air moving for a cooler feel. And for long-term savings, seal off any air leaks in your house (check out the most common ones here).
  • Go high-efficiency. If you’re really going for an overhaul, replace outdated appliances with Energy Star ones. If you’re not ready for that big of a commitment, start with lightbulbs and smaller appliances like toasters. (Did you know LED bulbs last almost 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs? That’s a 75 percent savings for you on light bulbs alone in the long-term, and a lot less time spent changing those suckers too. Oh, and they use one-sixth the energy. That’s a win-win for your wallet and the earth you live on.)

More ways to cut your energy bill

Don’t overlook these alternatives for saving energy over the summer:

  • Get a free home energy audit. Most utilities companies offer free audits to find where your home energy inefficient. Take a first step here.
  • Fire up the grill. Each time you grill outside rather than cook inside, you’re saving money on your energy bill. (Grilling steaks? Don’t forget to invite us over.)
  • Take care of your body’s energy. Remember those hot summer days when you came home and immediately cranked up the AC for a quick cool down? Cut down on the need for this energy spike by taking care of yourself throughout the day. It’s simple, actually: drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and wear lighter clothing.
  • Trees are the bee’s knees. Thoughtfully-planted trees can help by reducing your home’s exposure to the sun. Use an online calculator to locate those sweet spots.
  • Replace electric lights with candles. Even one night a week will make a little dent in the bill. (Throw in board games and you’ve got a raging good time.)

Whether it’s summertime energy saving tips, DIY packing or pointers on how to live with a roommate, Moveline’s got you covered. Let us help you with your move — we’ll get you and all of your stuff from final goodbye to first hello without an empty wallet and with your sanity. Give us a call or visit our site and get started today.