20 years ago, to purchase a plane ticket, you would have to call an agent at every airline, collect a set of prices, decide which one had the right combination of price, time, and amenities you wanted, and call them back to book a ticket. Crazy, right?

Today, to collect a set of professional moving quotes, you call several moving companies, schedule a time for each salesperson to come out to your house to perform an inventory, and they contact their dispatcher to get a price. You’re stuck with a stack of paper inventories, deciding which company seemed most trustworthy. If you’re moving long-distance, you also want to compare quotes for other moving methods, such as renting a truck and driving, portable container companies, or even freight companies.

For some of these companies, you can go to their website for prices – for others, you still have to call and talk to a pushy salesperson. Now, there are websites – lots of them – that claim to be able to get you a set of price quotes for your move. But inevitably, they ask you for your phone number and your email address, and you get spammed with calls and messages from salespeople and brokers.

Moveline is changing all of this.

With Moveline, you simply make a video of your stuff you’ll be moving. No salespeople in your home, ever. The video is securely transmitted to Moveline, where we turn it into an inventory of your stuff. From there, you take control, and use our platform to decide what you’ll be taking with you, and what you won’t.

When you’re ready, you submit your inventory for quotes from Moveline’s network of providers. Several reputable moving companies submit quotes for your move. Not estimates, hourly rates, or ridiculous weight tables – you get actual, binding, guaranteed quotes, that won’t change, as long as your list of stuff doesn’t change. For each provider, you see reviews from past customers, and stats from past jobs.

But Moveline doesn’t just show you quotes from full-service companies – we gather quotes for local labor, and combine them with truck rental, portable container, and freight shippers, to unlock an array of possible ways to move. Best of all, when you work with Moveline, we’re never trying to sell you anything – our product and customer service culture are all designed to be on your side as you navigate this expensive, tumultuous time in your life. It’s not quite as simple as booking a flight, but it’s a lot closer.

At Moveline, we’re building simple web tools to do all the things today’s van lines and salespeople do by hand. We’re bringing transparency to a market that has none, and we’re putting customers in control.

We’re starting with New York City. Join us.

Ready to get moving? Learn more about how Moveline is creating a radically easier way to move.