It’s peak season, that’s a mover’s way of describing those summer months when a lot of people are moving. You’ve found the place, given notice to your landlord, and moving day is close.

Moveline is here to make your move less stressful, and nothing can be more stressful than a communication breakdown with your moving crew. As your move progresses, you might have noted some terminology used by your moving company, your movers and maybe you. But what does it all mean?

Here are some terms to add to your Moving Dictionary:

Accessorial Charges

These are the additional services that go beyond your movers’ basics.

Bill of Lading

This is the contract your have with your movers.

Binding Estimate

This is the firm price that is based on your inventory, changes when your inventory changes. The estimate will be set after an inspection of your inventory is conducted.

Blanket Wrapping

When your valuable is given a little extra padding. Keeps your furniture from being damaged when the truck hits bumps.


Your mover. They call you the Shipper.


When the crew lead takes note of any scuffs or scrapes your stuff has before it goes on the truck, to make sure he doesn’t pay for anything that is already broken.


A salesperson or other moving or relocation company representative who calls you to find out the particulars of your move.


What you file when your lamp, or any other item, arrives damaged or doesn’t arrive at all.

Extra Pickup

When you remember that you have stuff in a storage unit and your movers pick it up for you. Or maybe you needed an extra day to move. The extra pickup is any additional day you need your crew.

Interstate Move

You’ve found a job in Tennessee, but your stuff is in New York.

Intrastate Move

You found a place in Manhattan, but your stuff is in Albany.

Load Only

When your movers are hired to load your things.

Order Number:

The number that’s assigned to your move, used to identify it.

Peak Season Rates

You might pay more to move July 1 than February 1. More demand sometimes translates to higher costs depending on whom you hire.


Packed by Owner (You), which means you might want to BYOP (Bring Your Own Pizza.)

Professional Packing

Your movers are hired (or hire someone) to pack your belongings for you.


You (we don’t think it makes sense either). See Carrier.


A document every carrier has that lays out how much you’re being charged for each part of your move.

Unload Only

When your movers are hired to unload your things.

Any moving lingo you’ve heard that we didn’t list here, but you still need a definition? Let us know!

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