Wooden box.When it comes to packing materials, people usually think of cardboard, bubble wrap and lots of tape. But for your most delicate items, protecting your items in a wooden crate can be an extra insurance that your belongings will arrive safely.

Wooden crates are fit to the size of a fragile or high value item. Because they’re custom built by a carpenter or highly-skilled mover to exact dimensions, crates can be expensive; but when the cost of the crate is less than the replacement or sentimental value of an item, it’s worth it.

More often than not, your movers will recommend crating an item before you know yourself, or you can request one. Requesting a crate is simple enough, but specify that a “wooden crate” when talking to your movers. Moving is all about the small details.

Why should I crate?

Items that are fragile, like glass and marble, might not sustain the handling of a long-distance move and with certain items there’s no hope for repair if damage happens. Crating provides extra protection for the item inside.

Some items that are fragile might also be heavy, so they can cause damage just as easily as they receive it. This might be a factor in your decision to crate. Heavy items can collide with others during a bump in the road; and cardboard boxes and tape can only hold so much. Wooden crates are stronger and better equipped to handle heavy items. Items with sharp edges or corners are also crated — they might puncture a box or rip it, causing the item to come out during the move and damage other stuff on the truck.

What items should I crate?

While not everyone chooses to crate, we see customers opt for crating the following items a lot. Usually, it’s for artwork, particularly canvas pieces, that are ruined if punctured or ripped.

Other items to crate include:

  • Antique Mirrors
  • Chandeliers
  • Taxidermy
  • Statues
  • Marble Tabletops
  • TVs and large electronics

How much does crating cost?

Wooden crates leaning on a wall.We saw a marble table top and large mirror that had been crated while visiting a move in New York.

Crates are not included in most moving quotes; they cost extra. The minimum amount for crating usually hovers around $70. Typically, the movers will measure the size of the item, and build a crate with raw materials. The larger the item is, the more expensive the crate. Most movers destroy crates when the move is over, but if you pay for crating, ask your movers about keeping the crate after your move. This way you can use it again for your next move, and keep it in storage for the next time you’ll need it.

While the cost might deter you, keep in mind the crate could cost less than replacing or repairing any damaged items. Talk to your movers about your options and come up with a game plan for how to transport your belongings safely.

If you have any questions about crating, get in touch. We’ll help you out.

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