pile of boxesAt some point during your move, whether you need a box or two to throw some small knickknacks in or you’ve decided to pack everything yourself, you’re probably going to need to get your hands on some boxes. Since this elusive task can be harder than it seems, we’re here to help and share some tips on not only where to get boxes, but where to get the right ones. (And here’s what’s cool: if it’s all too much to deal with, Moveline can handle it for you completely.)

Plan before you pack

Before you go box hunting, it’s important to know what kind of box you’re looking for because not all boxes are created equal. Box ratings are based on the results of an Edge Crush Test (ECT), which you can find stamped on the bottom of the box. Boxes range from 23 to 82 ECT; the higher the score, the sturdier the box.

Figuring out how much of your stuff requires high ECT boxes and how much will be just fine in less sturdy boxes is key. Breakable or fragile things and high-density items (like hardcover books and statues) belong in high ECT boxes. Things like linens and dry, uncanned food (you know, all that instant mac and cheese you bought at Costco) are ideal candidates for low ECT boxes — items that don’t have a high chance of being damaged by pressure from outside the box, but also won’t damage the box from the inside out either.

Boxes on the cheap

Thanks to the internet age, you might not have to go much farther than your computer to find free (or nearly free) boxes:

  • Craigslist (under the “free” category of the For Sale / Wanted section)
  • Rummage sales (check your local paper for announcements and addresses)
  • Rumgr (an app that brings rummage sales to your smartphone)
  • Liquor, grocery, and fast food stores (check out this Facebook group dedicated to the reuse of McDonald’s fry boxes)
  • Shopping centers like Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot
  • U-haul’s Customer Connect

Getting the good stuff

For those items that need tougher boxes (or if you want to splurge on tougher boxes since there’s dinero left over after Moveline got you an awesome price on your move), head this way:

If you’re looking to make an eco-friendly move, check out rentable, reusable plastic bins from suppliers like Rent A Green BoxUline’s eco friendly lineEZ BinsRent-a-CrateBungo Box, and Frogbox (just make sure the option you choose is available in the cities where you need them).

From acquiring boxes to finding the best solution for your move, Moveline is here to help. We get you guaranteed quotes (including boxes and packing materials if you don’t feel like tracking them down on your own), and we’ll stick with you the whole way, making sure your stuff is well taken care of and that your stress level stays as low as possible. Check out more about what Moveline can do for you here.