Moveline organizes moving chaos

The evolution of long-distance moving.

We realize that for most people, long-distance moving pretty much sucks. Antiquated logistics, old-school procedures, and confusing pricing and services seem to be OK with the traditional moving companies out there, but it leads to an awful experience for you. And frankly, that’s why Moveline exists.

We started this company because we think that moving shouldn’t suck so badly that you forget about the good parts of it. A move means a new start. An opportunity for change. Maybe a new job, or a new family, or a new home. Whatever it might be, we want to make sure you get the best move possible. You deserve it.

So we tossed the old system and asked “if we ignore tradition, how would we do moving today?” The result? A whole new approach to moving built upon a far faster, larger and more efficient transport system that’s already shipping hundreds of thousands of items around the country each and every day. On top of this amazing logistical network, we add a large dose of something fairly traditional: customer service. Our Move Captains love moving, and love people, so they’re a natural fit. Add in some straightforward product packages, and you’ve got a brand-new system that is changing the way people move today.

How we got started

Founders Kelly Eidson and Fred Cook

Moveline was started in Southwest Virginia as a partnership between Lawrence Transportation Systems (a moving company) and Modea (a digital marketing agency). In the beginning the goal was to build an online marketplace that would allow an elite group of moving companies to exchange household goods shipments. Over the years, we came to recognize that there was a bigger, more interesting opportunity to revolutionize the moving industry by building a brand new moving system, with more intelligent logistics and smarter software that leads to a far improved experience for the customer.

With a strong foundation in place, Fred and Kelly founded Moveline as an independent company at the end of 2011 with a seed-stage investment from Modea and Lawrence.