Moveline organizes moving chaos

We make moving simple.

It’s no insight that for people who are moving long-distance, the experience generally sucks.

We started this company because we think moving is fun; it’s an opportunity to change and start fresh. It’s all the stuff leading up to the move—the estimates, the scheduling, and the quotes—that distracts people who are moving from the stuff that really matters: the new dream job, the new spouse, the first home. We think the process of preparing for a move should be simpler and more efficient, so we’re fixing it.

For people to thoroughly research and plan a move, it takes hours of surfing the web, phone calls with salespeople and brokers, and inviting multiple moving companies to tramp through your house. It doesn’t have to be like that. At Moveline, we’ve gotten really good at giving people the information they need, gathering a competitive set of quotes from the best moving companies in town to compare, and helping them hire movers they can trust. We do this so they can move on to what’s really important—starting their life in a new place.

How we got started

Moveline was started in Southwest Virginia as a partnership between Lawrence Transportation Systems (a moving company) and Modea (a digital marketing agency). In the beginning the goal was to build an online marketplace that would allow an elite group of moving companies to exchange household goods shipments. Over the years, we came to recognize that there was a bigger, more interesting opportunity to revolutionize the moving industry by building software products that improve the experience for people who are actually moving.

With a strong foundation in place, Fred and Kelly founded Moveline as an independent company at the end of 2011 with a seed-stage investment from Modea and Lawrence.