Moveline loves Urban Edge!

If you loved using Urban Edge to find your new home, then you'll love using Moveline to prepare for your upcoming move!

With Moveline, you can skip the in-home visits from salespeople and still compare prices and hire movers you can trust. Take a video of your stuff to show us what you're moving, and we'll send you guaranteed quotes from the best moving companies in town.

And because a friend of Urban Edge is a friend of ours, please enjoy $25 off your move when you book online with Moveline.

How Moveline works.

Step 1

Show us your stuff over video chat or film a quick tour of your place.

Step 2

We'll send back an inventory of the stuff you're moving to confirm. Tell us when you need to leave, where you're going, and submit your plans for quotes.

Step 3

We'll send back 3-5 guaranteed prices for you to compare from the best moving companies in town.

Step 4

Decide who to hire, and which services you'd like. When you're ready, book online.

Step 5

Have a happy move, with expert support from a Move Captain along the way.