Chairs, boxes, adnd cabinents by a window.When we caught up with Aaron Arcello, a Moveline customer who recently moved from NYC to Madison, Wisconsin, we were reminded of all the opportunities moving can bring.

In August, Arcello will begin working toward his MBA at the University of Wisconsin, where his girlfriend is also studying for her PhD. The two moved in together in Madison and have since been shopping for furniture and experiencing the upper-mid west.

How did this move differ from your previous moves?

“Aside from the actual distance and circumstances, I’d only lived in Rhode Island and New York, so my last three moves were in the City… This one just went way better because I just had a much better handle on it, and I started the process three or four months before the actual move.

“It was also the first move I had done that was just totally by myself. I’d always moved into places with roommates so we were able to split costs. Cost was less important when you’re moving three or four people… I was footing the entire bill.”

Would you do anything differently with your next move?

“I would definitely do the full-service thing again, it’s just such a big difference…

“I hate moving, this is the first move that I’ve done where I haven’t gotten hives… That was the biggest thing for me; the stress was so much lower than all my other moves. Nothing was fun (besides) realizing I wasn’t having a nervous breakdown.”

Would you recommend Moveline?

“I would recommend and have recommended people check out Moveline…

I still like the look and feel (of Moveline.) I think it’s great. It’s very comforting in a situation that is usually very fraught and frustrating and difficult, so I thought that was kind of nice… The inventory was nice to have down on paper, I could look at that and compare with what my girlfriend had and see overlaps in what I should and shouldn’t take, try to sell on Craigslist, leave behind or what we needed to buy. It was nice to have a written record of the things I was moving.”

What else would you recommend for anyone moving?

“As far as making the process easier, the most important thing, I guess, is to give yourself as much time as you can to space out the actual act of packing and organizing.

“Be ruthless in your assessment of what you need to take, and what you can throw away or donate or sell. Move less and take more time organizing and getting everything together, instead of throwing everything together 24 hours before the movers arrive.

What’s your favorite thing about Wisconsin?

“I have to say the beer and the cheese really are good. It’s kind of the cliché response, but they do take it seriously here. It’s cheaper and better here.”

What do you miss about NYC?

“I just miss being able to have access to anything and everything at all hours of the day. I’m not used to things closing at 10, not being able to get a drink or get dinner at 10:30 because all the places are closed. I’m not used to being in a place where things shut down at a certain hour.”

What has been the biggest adjustment getting settled in Wisconsin?

“This is the first apartment I’ve lived in that feels like an adult apartment, where I haven’t been living with friends from college, also the first time I’ve lived with a girl. So we’re taking more of a thoughtful approach to furniture and decorating and things like that. It’s taking a little while longer, but luckily we have a bit of time; our classes don’t start until August, so we have plenty of time to organize things.”

What fun things have you done in Wisconsin?Aaron Arcello takes a look at the new Madison, Wisconsin apartment he shares with his girlfriend.

“We went tubing on the Wisconsin river, that was pretty fun on a hot day. I really haven’t been here very long; I’ve been here five or six days since we got back from Northern Michigan (for a vacation.) We were able to do a cool drive; we drove up through Michigan, across the Upper Peninsula and down to Madison, that was pretty neat.

“I got my student ID, and that was exciting for me. I haven’t been a student in six years. That was a big moment for me, to have my student ID again. We’re right next to campus, our apartment is about a quarter of a mile from campus. I’m just excited to be out here as a student again, I’ve been dying to go back to school for many years. So I’m just excited that I’m at the University of Wisconsin, and just excited for the classes, athletics, everything that goes along with being a student.”

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