Nicely packed clothingBroken or damaged items are a nightmare scenario we all imagine when preparing for a move. And while you’d rather have everything arrive perfectly at your destination, the items most expensive and difficult to replace are, understandably, the most important ones to protect. Thanks to their price tag and relative rarity, designer clothes and shoes fall into that category, and if you’re not springing for professional packers, the care of your items falls to you. Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional to be a perfect packer.

So just how can you pack those Christian Louboutins, that Valentino suit or that special Vera Wang dress in a way that will all but guarantee safety? Moveline has some tips.

Protecting clothes & shoes during a move: The basics

  • If your pricey clothes are already hanging up in your closet, leave them on the hanger if at all possible. A box specifically made for clothes (aka a wardrobe box) will help keep things in place.
  • Invest in some wooden or padded hangers if you can. Those hanger types are more likely to protect your designer shirts and jackets. They’ll also help your clothes hold their shape better than plastic or wire hangers will.
  • If you’ve kept shoe boxes, pack your shoes in them, heel to toe, before placing the shoe boxes into a larger moving box. Be sure to place the shoe boxes in before any loose shoes, and keep the heavier shoes on the bottom; they’ll act as a base and make the box more stable.
  • Tissue paper can be a lifesaver. Use it around shoes before boxing them up or place it between and around folded clothes to help prevent wrinkles. Bubble wrap can also be a good protector.
  • Don’t mix clean and dirty clothes in close quarters. If possible, make sure every piece is clean so there’s less work for you after the move. Additionally, you’ll save time by using your current dry cleaner rather than finding a new one right away.

Pro tips for keeping a wardrobe fresh in transit

  • Know that plastic containers don’t allow clothes and shoes to breathe, so anything you pack in those containers shouldn’t be stored more than a few months; otherwise, you risk fabric damage.
  • If you’re concerned about any shoes losing their shape, roll up some (clean!) socks and stuff them in the toe.
  • If you have a garment bag for your dress or suit, use it – every extra layer of protection helps.
  • Don’t forget to invest in mothballs or lavender sachets if you think it might take a while for you to unpack your clothes. Moths love dark places, so if your clothes are packed away for months, you could have a pesky problem on your hands (and feet. Ew).
  • Separate old and new shoes into different containers. Otherwise, your brand new dress shoes might get scuffed up by those ratty old sneakers and require special care to look fresh again.

So, are you already exhausted thinking about unpacking those clothes, shoes and everything else in your new home? Check out some tips for unpacking after a move to make the process a little easier. And as always, contact Moveline to help your move be as pain-free as possible.