white vase with blue designsThe funny thing about fine china is that it is a huge responsibility.It’s typically passed down among generations, so chances are someone other than the person who owns it also has a vested interest in its safety. No pressure, right?

Best case scenario: your movers are handling the sensitive stuff on your behalfand it’s all handsomely insured. Less-wonderful scenario: you’re packing it yourself.But not to worry! To avoid chips, cracks and a bitter family feud,just follow Moveline’s steps for transporting your china to your new place sans incident:

  1. Separate your pieces into like categories: plates, bowls, stemware, etc.Then organize them a second time by size.
  2. Wrap each piece in a good amount of tissue paper and secure with scotch tape,which won’t rip through the tissue.
  3. Wrap each piece a second time with 3/16 bubble wrap, ensuring all sides are covered.Use your stronger packing tape here to avoid unraveling.If you’ve done this correctly you shouldn’t be able to feel any part of the item,just the bubble wrap.
  4. Wrap each piece a third time with 1/2 bubble wrap. This may seem excessive,but it’s better to be safe than disowned by your grandmother.When packing plates, you can snake the bubble wrap between the dishes hererather than wrapping each again.
  5. Fill a box with at least three inches of packing peanuts.Lay your first and largest layer of items on top,leaving about three inches of space between the edges of the china and the sides of the box.Add some more peanuts and lay down your next layer of china.Repeat until the box is full, but don’t overdo it.It helps to gently shake the box and let the peanuts settle as you go to ensure you’vegot a fit that’s tight, but not under pressure.Your top layer should be a final three inches of peanuts.
  6. Seal every seam of the box with high-quality tape.Label each box with ‘FRAGILE’, ‘THIS WAY UP’ and ‘GRANDMA ROSE IS WATCHING’.Now, rest easy; you’re in good hands.

Not sure what to do with your other high-risk home goods? Read up on when to use a moving crate and make sure you understand what’s covered under your moving insurance.And as always, if you’re planning a move, let Moveline help and avoid a headache.