All the Moving Information That's Fit To Know

We know moving and are willing to share tips, tricks, checklists, and general moving info with you. We know how to ease your moving stress and now you will know too. And hey, when it comes time to get a quote for your move we hope you will remember us.

How to boost curb appeal (and why)

Jim on

When you’re preparing to move, we know you’ve got a lot on your mind. Packing, cleaning, using Moveline to select a mover -- it’s plenty to think about. But if you’re selling a home (or buying one), you’ve got something else to consider: curb appeal. Like any first impression, it matters more than y...

Leaving a place you've lived in for decades

Jim on

So you’re heading to a new city. Maybe it’s for a new job, or a relationship, or to be closer to (or further from) family. Whatever the reason, if you’ve lived in your current home for a while, you’ve put down roots.

Summer energy saving tips

Cinnamon on

Summertime means sand, sun, vacations... and an increased energy bill (womp womp), particularly for people who are moving in the middle of the summer and getting used to a new home and a new utility payment.

Movin' on up: Moveline secures $3M in funding

Kelly on

One of the coolest things about launching Moveline has been the feedback we get from the folks we’ve helped move. When they express their happiness over working with us, when they recommend us to their friends and family, when they tell us we’ve reduced their stress -- those are the moments that rei...

Where to get the right boxes for a move

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At some point during your move, whether you need a box or two to throw some small knickknacks in or you’ve decided to pack everything yourself, you’re probably going to need to get your hands on some boxes.

Managing a move while closing on a home

Jim on

Getting a new home is exciting -- a new space (new to you, at least), a new neighborhood or city, and new opportunities are all awesome things. But whether you're buying a home remotely or locally, it takes work.

How to prepare for professional packers

Jim on

As with most things in life, a successful move begins before the trucks arrive. Smart organizing and packing makes moving easier and more efficient.

Love on the move: making relocation easier for couples

Amy on

It’s true what they say: opposites attract. But when those opposites are thrown into the life-changing tumult of, say, a cross-country move, an uninvited third wheel can weasel its way into the relationship, and that third wheel’s name is Stress.

What not to pack when you're moving

Cinnamon on

Packing your stuff yourself is an excellent way to avoid costs when moving, but if you’re taking a DIY approach, the single most important thing to know is what not to pack.