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We know moving and are willing to share tips, tricks, checklists, and general moving info with you. We know how to ease your moving stress and now you will know too. And hey, when it comes time to get a quote for your move we hope you will remember us.

Finding short-term housing in Atlanta

  5 August 2014

Moving to Atlanta? The first thing you should probably know about your soon-to-be home is that in just about any ranking of US cities with the most sprawl, Atlanta takes the top slot. That means that one of the top considerations when youre looking for short-term housing (and long-term as well) is y…

The dos and don’ts of moving for a relationship

  5 August 2014

Love is a many splendored thing… at least most of the time, right? When the time rolls around to start cohabitating, though, thats when one of the many true challenges of a relationship can rear its ugly head, testing the mettle of even the schmoopiest of lovebirds.

How to repurpose common items for your home: 5 free resources

  30 July 2014

In such an age of excess, the environmentally conscious among us can get a little nervous when it comes to outfitting a new home with all-new furniture and decorations to match. Thats why its such good news that there are so many resources online that champion creative reuse projects, showing us ing…

Understanding Valuation

  25 July 2014

Here at Moveline, we get a lot of questions about a lot of things when it comes from moving from one place to another. A few include, Whats a delivery spread? Its cheaper to move myself instead of hire someone, right? and What in the world is valuation? Here, well tackle that last one to help you wa…

Moveline’s stance on net neutrality and what it means to you

  18 July 2014

Here at Moveline, we take our customers’ needs seriously. It’s important to us to provide top-notch, innovative services that make people’s lives easier, particularly in the middle of a stressful life event like a move.

Creative storage ideas for any budget

  24 June 2014

When you have a home, whether big or small, new or old, theres one universal truth: you have stuff. And somehow, that stuff seems to magically multiply over time. But have no fear: with a little bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can clear out the clutter without clearing out your wallet.

Making the most of a new backyard

  24 June 2014

Backyards. For some of us, they hold endless possibilities, and for some of us, they just mean extra work. With some effort, you can make the most of a new backyard by transforming that little slice of earth into the private oasis youve always dreamed of, or at the very least, a low-maintenance area…

How upgrades affect a homes market value

  18 June 2014

While a lot of things that factor into your homes value (like square footage and school district) are largely out of your control, upgrades are not one of them. Oddly enough, not all upgrades are created equal some will add value to your home while others can detract from it.

Moving appliances: how to avoid damage

  16 June 2014

Scheming how youre going to shuffle appliances around for your upcoming renovations without scuffing the floors? Maybe youre wondering how to best pack your appliances, big and small, for your upcoming move. Either way, whether youre moving appliances around the house or across the state, Movelines …

How to avoid damage during a move (and what to do if it happens)

  23 May 2014

Moving is a big deal. From frying pans to family heirlooms, its a little scary to think about the opportunity for damage between packing, unloading, and everything in between. But never fear: Moveline is here to offer some tips on how to avoid damage in the first place and what to do if the inevitab…

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