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How to find temporary housing in LA

Marjorie on

Los Angeles, put simply, is huge. In square miles, it's approximately the same size as New York City, but it has half the number of people and many, many more neighborhoods than Big Apple.

How to make a long-distance move more fun

Amy on

Lots of things about moving are kind of a drag. Financial strains, logistical concerns and the plain old act of uprooting oneself to a new home are all stressful enough on their own, but add to that the element of long-distance and you've got the makings of an ulcer on your hands.

5 brilliant small-space solutions

Amy on

The average American living space is shrinking quite a bit now that the McMansions of the 1990s and early 2000s are less viable options for those who cant afford huge houses, those who dont want them anyway, and those who want to live near the center of everything instead of out in the suburbs.

Reading the fine print on lease agreements

Jim on

So you've found a great apartment, and all you have to do is sign on the dotted line to get your key. Well hold up there, speedy. Think about this: most leases are based on fairly standard documents designed to protect the owner of a property more than the tenant.

How to avoid last-minute moving costs

Jim on

Moving isn't cheap. But, there are smart ways to move, and not-so-smart ways to move. Choosing Moveline is a smart start. And our crack team of moving experts has put together a few more tips for you that can help you avoid last-minute expenses.

Is a fixer-upper for you?

Courtney on

For many people, a dream home is just that a dream. But for those blessed with the lucky trifecta of creativity, patience and an open mind, that dream can manifest into something tangible.

How to reclaim your security deposit

Jim on

If you're like most people, you don't think too much about your security deposit. You can pretty much count on getting it refunded when you move out, right? Well, that depends.

How to live in peace with a roommate: 8 tips

Caitlin on

So, you've just changed cities, apartments, and roommates! In an ideal scenario, you and your new roomie become instant BFF's, throw fabulous joint parties, and seamlessly merge your furniture.

Finding temporary housing in Chicago

Marjorie on

Moving to Chicago? If youre from one of the more cost-prohibitive cities in the nation, like New York or Boston or San Francisco, youll be happy to know that rent in the Windy City is considerably lower than what youre used to.