Moving Appliances Services

While many people spring for new appliances when they move into a new home, maybe you’ve become attached to that beautiful new washer/dryer set you just bought. If so, we can match you up with the right technicians to remove and/or install them as part of your move.

How it works

There are two parts to moving appliances: hookups and the actual moving. If your appliance has a gas (such as a range) or water line (fridge w/icemaker), technicians can unhook everything at your old home, or re-hook everything at the new home. Similarly, if you need the items moved out or installed, a separate crew handles that task.


Service pricing varies based on the item and your location, but disconnects generally run about $35-85/item, while installation fees start at $75/item. If you need help loading or unloading heavy appliances, fees are based on the size/weight and number of appliances.

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