Know How to Prepare your Home for the Big Move

You’ve found yourself a new place to live, and with all the paperwork signed and sealed you’re now facing the task of preparing to move out of your current home. There are a number of things that you need to think about when planning your move. If you currently own the place that you’re moving out of, are you going to be selling or renting your old place? If you’re selling it, do you have a buyer lined up to take possession when you move out? These are just a few things to consider.

Selling Your Home

If you’re selling your old home, one of the best things you can do to expedite the sale is to stage it properly. Go through each room and identify things that need to be cleaned up, repaired, or modified. Dents in the walls should be spackled and touched up. Rooms that have a unique color palette might need to be repainted to a more neutral color. Dust and wipe down every surface. You should also consider having the carpets professionally cleaned.

Reduce the clutter in every room. This helps to accent the space that’s available. Make sure that there’s plenty of light coming in by opening up all the blinds. A lot of light also helps make rooms feel bigger. Organize closet shelves so you show just how much storage your buyer has at their disposal.

Renting Your Home

You may find that your home has been sitting on the market for a little longer than you’d originally planned for. Juggling two mortgages is never anyone’s idea of a good time, but occasionally you might find that you have to move prior to selling your old home. One solution to this would be to rent out your house instead. This can help provide you with an extra income stream that can pay for the mortgage on the first home.

Shutting Off & Transferring Services

There are three main utilities that you’ll want to transfer over to your buyer/renter. These are electricity, gas, and water. Other utilities such as cable, internet, and phone services can be transferred to your new address when you’re ready to move into the new place and won’t hurt the old house if they aren’t active there.

Preparing Your Home for Packers

One thing that can help ease your mind during the entire moving process is to hire local movers to help you with your packing and hauling. Something to be aware of is where the movers will park their truck, the best way to get large items in and out of your old home and new home, and to label everything clearly so destination rooms are easy to find.

With all of the things you have to worry about when preparing to move out of your home, don’t let the actual transportation of your stuff be one of them. We can provide you with several moving quotes from local movers that are ready to help you plan your move. This can help you find the best price for your needs from companies you can trust will treat your possessions with the care they deserve.

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