Extra Stops Options

Sometimes moving means you need to pickup stuff from more than one place or deliver it to multiple locations. If you have a storage unit, lots of furniture at the office, or another home nearby to pack up, your move will require extra stops. Not to worry: this happens quite often (especially in cities) and is something most any moving company can help with, as long as they know in advance.

How it works

The movers will pick everything up or drop everything off at your first location and then make any additional stops at your other pickup or delivery locations. In some cases, these pickups and deliveries may happen on multiple days.

Pricing: varies

The additional cost for an extra stop varies based on the distance of the stop and how many extra stops you would like the movers to make.

Eliminating extra stops on your move is an easy way to save money. While adding multiple pickup / dropoff points is not prohibitively expensive, if you can avoid extra stops for the crew by consolidating your items to a single location, you should.

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