Preparing your New Home is Easy with Our Help

After searching for a while, you’ve finally settled on the perfect new home. You’ve closed on it, and now that you have possession you’re ready to take on the task of making it your own. There are a number of things you should think about when preparing your new home for you and your family. By looking over the following checklist, you can be sure to have a good handle on everything and make the entire process simple and streamlined.

Updates to your New Home

There’s no better time to update things about your new home than right before moving in. The rooms are all completely clear and you have plenty of space to work. This makes it incredibly easy to:

  • Replace carpet
  • Lay down new tile or wood floors
  • Change out plumbing fixtures
  • Paint rooms to match your décor
  • Replace light fixtures and bulbs
  • Repaint or stain old looking cabinets


Now that you’ve got the keys to your new place, it’s a good idea to go ahead and change out the locks. This way, you know for sure that the previous owners won’t have access to anything anymore. You should also change the garage door code and frequency for the same reason. If the old home owners had a security system installed, you’ll need to talk to the service provider to activate it. Check with them to see how old the system is, and if it’s more than a handful of years old you may want to have it updated as well.

Transferrable Services

Make sure that you’ve got arrangements set up to have transferrable utilities ready to go. Making sure that your new home has electricity, gas, and water at a minimum is going to make your preparations so much easier. Having heat in the winter will make sure that the pipes don’t freeze. In general, there shouldn’t be a lapse in service for these utilities if you can help it.

For other utilities such as cable, internet and the rest, you can easily have those set up after you move if you wish. When it comes time to have those services activated, it’ll be easier if you use the same provider that the previous owners had since all the equipment will already be present. If you choose to change providers, keep in mind that you’ll typically have to wait a bit longer for them to set up as new equipment, lines, and other similar requirements will have to be installed.

New Neighborhood Means New Neighbors

Be sure to introduce yourself to your new neighbors when you can. After all, you’ll be living next to them for a while so you might as well become friends! Once you get to know them a bit, you can give them a list of your emergency contacts so if there’s an accident they can help you quickly.

Prepare for the Move Itself

Take some wall friendly tape and label each room’s door. By doing this before moving your stuff in, you’ll be able to make sure that each box gets to its proper destination. This is a tremendous help for movers and helpers alike. You can also use the tape to mark where furniture will go. This will help to speed things up when it comes time to put the beds together and organize the dressers and end tables.

Armed with this information, you’re now ready to prepare your new home properly for the big move. If you’d like some help with the heavy lifting and transporting of your stuff from the old house to the new one, consider having us provide you with several quotes from professional movers near you. This will help you save money and time shopping around, and let you focus on getting your new place all set up and ready to go.

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